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True or false? The goal of a braindump is to have everyone structure ideas they’ve put together.

True or false? The goal of a braindump is to have everyone structure ideas they’ve put together.


(A) True

(B) False

The goal of braindump is to not have everyone structure ideas they’ve put together.


Let’s talk first: Braindump

What does braindump mean?

It means to get on with the process of writing. I must get on with my process. And I am not going to let my unconscious dictate what that process is. I will do the work. I will make something.

When I first started this blog, I had written before. I had started this blog twice before. But it was just me writing. I was reading memoirs and writing emails. I was taking up other people’s work and sharing it. That was me doing what I could, while I was traveling.

There was a moment when I thought maybe that was enough. That was not what this blog braindump was about. This is my story. This is not anyone else’s thinking. This is about what I think through, and how it affected my thinking process, my perspective, my view of myself and others.

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But it wasn’t enough. It didn’t speak to me like a fellow-story-slinger would have. There was too much writing.

What are the goal of a braindump ?

Just like your notes to yourself during a marathon event, a braindump is a way to capture everything that’s swimming in your brain and give it a label. This way you can grab a reminder of everything you want to remember later. This lets you use the great recents vs. pastebin feature on Evernote, for example, capture an ideas (actual notes) in Evernote for later reference. (This may not always be practical, but it’s a neat feature.)

How do I write a braindump ?

The idea is to grab all the stuff that’s on your mind and grab a button or set of checkboxes. Write down “Goal -” and then “Podcast -” and “Family -” and “Workout -” on the sides, and then post it to Evernote.

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Example: Tips on writing the blog post

Try to start in a form that naturally lends itself to a braindump – if you’re in a brainstorming session, for example, starting with something like “If you could only have one super power, what would it be?” or “What is your biggest regret?” might work well.

Braindumping on a regular basis is helpful. Try setting a reminder in Evernote to do one every morning before work, or a night-before or before you go to sleep.

No right way to do a braindump – different people will write differently. Read some of the content from some of the great blogger collections. Some use excerpts from books and articles, others add their own ideas. Take some time to try out different styles.

Create a good annotation / checklist for yourself – set a reminder when you’re done with a braindump and then check it off at the end of the day. A checklist might include tasks like “refill water bottles, get some tea, etc.”

Ravi Prakash

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