Subdomain vs Addon Domain

What is Subdomain?

A subdomain is a domain which is linked to a root (or primary) domain and can send browser requests to particular files on a server.

A subdomain is a portion of the root domain that is distinct from it. You may use the Domain Name System (DNS) to point various subdomains to different server locations.

Use of Subdomain?

A subdomain is often used to offer multiple services under a single domain name URL, however the resources are generally hosted on separate servers.

Subdomains are frequently used to prevent confusion, preserve a core online identity, and save money because a domain may have an endless number of subdomains (since a new domain name costs money).

How to create a Subdomain?

  • Login to your hostinger provider
  • Select your domain from the list of domain that are yours
  • In the sub domain section. Add the name of subdomain
  • Add DNS records
  • Usually DNS changes take place up to 24 hours
  • Wait for your subdomain to fully work

Subdomain example:

What is Addon Domain

A fully working addon domain may be established and attached from inside your control panel.

Essentially, it adds a second hosting service to the original domain.


In a new subdirectory under the same name, it generated a new and distinct website.

From the same Cpanel, you may develop several addons.

Why you need a Addon Domain?

Addon Domain really helpful for multilingual websites. One have to develop just another directory under the same domain. It have many SEO advantages.

How to create a Addon Domain

  • Sign in Cpanel
  • Hover over Domain section and select domain for which addon domain required
  • Add the addon domain and fill the necessity information and
  • Create addon domain.

Example of Addon Domain: