SEO Bad Practices: These Can Ruin the Ranking of Your Website

SEO bad practices may be used to work several years ago but now it could do more harm and your website can be penalized by Google, If not taken necessary steps.

Still, people try to use many outdated SEO practices to improve their organic results and visibility of their brands. Yes, might be some of the tactics worked years ago but definitely, they are not effective as before as they used to be.

In this article, I’m here to share with you the 5 outdated SEO bad practices.


You should definitely avoid it before it could potentially harm your brand reach, visibility, and performance.

Keyword Stuffing: 

Practicing loading of a web page full of unnatural keywords or phrases or repeated keywords in an attempt to improve rank at SERPs(Search Engine Result Pages) is to be called Keyword Stuffing. 

But, I want you to read more:

It’s one of the oldest spam techniques and used to work several years ago and now comes under black-hat techniques. 

Brands or bloggers were using this tactic to rank their page for increasing brand visibility for 100’s of keywords on search engines and it was definitely popular among them. In today’s date, many brands are still doing it and it definitely won’t help you but will do worse (a lot more) than good to your web pages rank completely in the long run once Google algorithms find out.

Here what Google quality guidelines say about keyword stuffing.

Additionally, What Bing quality guidelines have to say about keyword stuffing?

Keyword Stuffing Example: 

Are you looking to buy basketball shoes? If you are looking for basketball shoes, look no further. Our basketball shoes are used by many professionals. We have been in the basketball Shoe industry for the last 25 years. Feel free to check our basketball shoe website, there is a huge collection of basketball shoes, and don’t forget to check out the newly added basketball shoes catalog.

Article Spinning: 


If you are into SEO for quite a time, then you might know what I am talking about. Google prefers original and new content. 

Article spinning is a technique where a writer is trying to copy the original article with the help of article spinning tools or using automated tools they spin the content. Where the meaning of the content remains the same, just the words change. 

But, It’s no surprise that Google is smart enough now and it can identify duplicate content easily. 


There is no use of duplicate content and it affects your web page rankings because if Google already has the same content on their search engine databases then why would they index the duplicate content since it has nothing new to offer.

Thin Content:  

Thin content isn’t the article that has below 300 words but, thin content is content that has no value to the user.


It can be of 300 words or 1000 words. Google prefers original and long-form content and in fact, read what Neil Patel has to say about long-form content.

Duplicate content, keyword-stuffed, and thin content in once upon a time, this all Google bot could crawl by their search bots and can index content whatever your throw to them and it will reward you web pages with the worthy results.

But, the time has changed now:

All the above techniques Google doesn’t prefer. In fact, now Google is cleaning all the search engines which were filled with duplicate content, duplicate images, duplicate videos.

Now, in order to rank your article on the 1st page, you must only do what’s essential. 

Low-quality guest posting: 

Guest posting is the practice of contributing a post to another human website in order to build a relationship, authority, branding, and links.

Yes… Guesting Posting Still Matter

No doubt, guest posting is valuable and will be in the market for the years to come.  

In General, Google webmaster is against the techniques which are used to manipulate page rank or a site’s rank in Google search result pages[SERPs]. 


What links are against Google guidelines? 

Google negative link schemes

Google does updates and makes several changes in a week to its algorithm to show better results.

Overcoming the link spamming is a big task. Google algorithms try every step to make search better and precise.

And this time:

To understand the relationship of your website content with a certain link to the other web content, Google gave the “rel” attribute. 

Google backlinks relation attributes


What if you are looking for a shoe and the URL redirects to you the dentist appointment web page?

I would be annoyed. Would you?

Google Says – Don’t optimize your content for the search algorithm instead make it useful for the relevant user queries.


Cloaking is considered to be a violation of Google webmaster guidelines because it provides users with different results then they expected.  

The video will explain the concept of cloaking.


What is more important for website success in 2020 is to optimize the site for the real visitors and to follow ethical techniques that are not against the Google website quality guidelines. 

Keyword stuffing, article spinning, thin content, low-quality guest posting, cloaking are things which used to work and now these should be avoided.

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