50+ High PR Ping Submission Sites List {Verified}

For a pretty new website, it’s hard to get indexed on a major search engine.

There are more then 5 million blog posts published every day. Millions of marketers do billions of social bookmarking, quora writing, forum posting, and the list go on…

Does Google index all the web pages? 

No. It’s not.

In this article, I’m gonna share with you the simple and exact technique which will definitely help you out for faster indexing your site including backlinks.

First thing first:

What is a Ping Submission?

In simple language, ping submission sites allow the web admins a lot to index content, website web pages, articles, or even the backlinks on the major search engines.


Submitting page links to different ping submission directories signals web crawlers about the new generated backlinks and content that is being posted on the web page.

Advantage of High PR Ping Submission Site:

There are multiple benefits of submitting your web page links on different ping submission sites for SEO.

  1. Brand Visibility: The sooner you submit the links on the below directories, the sooner your web page URLs will index on search results. The more your brand name will be on search engine pages. The more visibility of your brand will be. It’s as simple as this.
  2. Search Engine Ranking:  Google updating its algorithm very frequently this year. Now quality and relevance matter more than other factors. Submitting your web page or backlinks on these free ping submission sites definitely would be an added advantage for ranking your focus keyword.
  3. Organic Traffic: Visibility of brand on search engine result pages and having a better eye-catching title and description leads to more organic traffic on your landing page. 

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List of High Authority Ping Submission Site:

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Submitting on a ping submission site list is super easy. On most sites out there, they just required basic details like web admin email, web URLs, etc.

As I said earlier:

High PR Ping submission sites will definitely improve your brand visibility and ranking on various search engines. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it helpful. If yes, make sure to drop a comment.

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