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All of the following are content marketing practices EXCEPT:

All of the following are content marketing practices EXCEPT:


(A) Email copy

(B) Technical SEO

(C) Social media posts

(D) Blogging


What is content marketing practices?

Content marketing has come a long way since it introduced and was only consuming by B2B marketers nearly three years ago. As more brands and industries take to the form, I’ve seen it evolve to meet different needs and increase in popularity.

Content marketing practice has found its way into marketing for a variety of reasons, but ultimately, it’s about reaching an audience through their preferred channels and sticking to a digital marketing plan to get the most out of it.

Whether your content marketing plan includes the creation of new product content, or simply focused on improving an existing product to make it better, it’s critical to understand what works in different industries and the most effective ways to share your message.

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Content marketing Practices:

There are many effective content marketing strategies and channels, and that’s what I’m going to try and cover in this article. Some of these methods work in all industries, and others in particular industries.

Let’s begin with the basics practice with which you will sky rocket your business.

Email copy:

Email marketing has been around for decades, and marketers are still successfully using the this techniques.

How do you design an effective email newsletter? According to well known email marketer and content strategist, it’s all about appealing to a target audience’s emotions.

Blogging :

One of the oldest content marketing techniques but still powerful, bloggers have had a significant impact on the topic. The variety of topics that bloggers write about changes from month to month, but they all touch on some aspect of online and content marketing. Writing for your target audience means focusing on their interests, which is different from a typical marketing campaign, in which you try to please a broader audience. Therefore, it’s important to start with your ideal customer to figure out what they are interested in and then curate content around that.

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Socila Media posts:

This is one of those marketing tactics that may not grab your attention initially, but have immense impact on your organization product or service. Social media post writing is an art to write content mean while appealing good to your target audience.

On other hand Technical SEO is optimizing the technical part of website and it is not an content marketing practices therefore the correct answer is Technical SEO.

Ravi Prakash

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